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  • Hip-Hop Radio Putting Up Numbers

    Last week’s edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio was a lot of fun. I had an exclusive interview with The Legendary PMD and the show has put up some pretty impressive numbers. It’s is charting in 5 different places on Mixcloud and is even in the Top 10 of two of them. 7th in […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio – Halloween Night!

    I just got off of the radio a few minutes ago. I kicked off Halloween the second it started with my midnight show. Normally, I don’t get the podcast up this quickly, but I wanted you to be able to rock it for your Halloween celebration. So enjoy the show and . . . Have […]

  • Connecting with a Legend – O.C. on WIB Rap Radio

    I have been a fan of O.C. ever since I first heard him on a radio mix show back in 1994. I can’t tell you how excited I was to get the chance to kick it with him live on the radio this week. It was hard choosing the nine O.C. tracks I could fit […]

  • WIB Rap Radio – Falling (RIP Tom Petty)

    Tom Petty passed away Monday night and I wanted to pay tribute to him by kicking off the show with the Teenage Fan Club / De La Soul song that sampled his iconic hit “Free Falling.” After that I get into two hours of great hip-hop music mixed live on the radio. And close off […]

  • Hip-Hop Anonymous is For Everyone (Friday)

    Friday night, DWG Ent presents the All-Ages Edition of Hip-Hop Anonymous. It’s a rap concert featuring live performances by some of the best artists in the city and surrounding area. Traffimatics is headlining the event and y’allready know, he puts on a great live show. Also on the bill is Stewie, who was just recently […]

  • Word is Bond Exclusive – Tone Chop and Frost Gamble

    http://chasemarch.com/Word-is-Bond-Rap-Radio/WIBRapRadio%20279%20-%20Tone%20Chop%20and%20Frost%20Gamble.mp3 Tone Chop and Frost Gamble call into Word is Bond Rap Radio to talk about their new album “Respect is Earned Not Given” and premiere some of the tracks. The project drops on Friday, so if you like what you hear, go cop it. We also are giving away tickets to Hip-Hop Anonymous in […]

  • Stewie visits Word is Bond Rap Radio

    http://chasemarch.com/Word-is-Bond-Rap-Radio/WIBRapRadio%20278%20-%20Stewie.mp3 Local emcee, Stewie joined me at Radio Western Monday night to talk about the cool shows he’ll be playing at over the next few weeks, to world premiere his song “Why They So Serious” on the radio, and to kick a few freestyle rhymes. We talk about horror movies, the melding of rock and […]

  • Oh KG and Labeled Minority Live on Word is Bond

    http://chasemarch.com/Word-is-Bond-Rap-Radio/WIBRapRadio%20277%20-%20Oh%20KG.mp3 Word is Bond Rap Radio has a few world premieres for you on today’s show. First up, Oh Kg stops by the studio to drop his new single. Then we have the long-awaited Ngajuana track “Murder in Reverse.” In it, Ngajuana tells a story in rhyme from top to bottom. He then reverses the direction […]

  • 150 Tracks for Canada 150 (The Rap Up)

    http://chasemarch.com/Word-is-Bond-Rap-Radio/WIBRapRadio%20269%20-%20Canada%20150%20(Rap-Up).mp3 I played 150 Canadian hip-hop tracks to celebrate Canada 150 last month. This is the fourth and final installment of that series. All in all, we featured ten hours of homegrown hip-hop. This extended episode features a half hour of First Nation artists, over three hours of great music, and wraps everything up in a […]

  • Eclipsing All Other Mixshows (WIB Rap Radio)

    http://chasemarch.com/Word-is-Bond-Rap-Radio/WIBRapRadio%20275%20-%20Solar%20Eclipse%20Edition.mp3 The moon tried to black out the sun and everyone looked towards the sky to witness the total solar eclipse this week. That same night on Word is Bond Rap Radio I did my best to eclipse all other playlists and podcasts with two hours of underground hip-hop mixed live on the radio. Records passed in […]