• DJ Chase March Events

    Hip-Hop Anonymous Reunion – TONIGHT

    It’s been a while since we had an edition of Hip-Hop Anonymous. It’s time to bring it back to where it all started. This used to be a monthly event to showcase local talent in the hip-hop sphere. DWG Entertainment is back and I’m glad to be be rocking this show. Featuring performances by Tempomental […]

  • DJ Chase March Events

    Young Stitch at Jux Cain’s B-Day Bash

    Beat Drum Media presents, The BET Freestyle Friday – World champion, Young Stitch live in London, Ontario. It’s Jux Cain’s Birthday Bash party, hosted by IHeart Radio Personalities, Jux ‘N Juke. With opening acts Diztrikt Apolo Chris Jackson Typo Real Fate Ashley Nicole Wiesbeck and music provided by DJ Chase March WHAT: Jux Cain’s Birthday Bash […]

  • DJ Chase March Events

    Music for Mental Health Concert

    Mental health should be a concern for us all. For many of us, it is not something we ever have to think about. For others, it affects them every single day in ways that are difficult to cope with. There are big gaps in the mental health infrastructure. Everything we can do to help people […]

  • Wordburglar Concert Review

    The Wordburglar Strikes Again

    Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being part of a phenomenal hip-hop concert. The show was a co-headlining event with Timbuktu (of Swamp Thing) and Wordburglar. It was presented by DWG Entertainment and hosted at The Rec Room in London, Ontario, Canada. Here is one of the highlights of the night.   It’s rare […]

  • Wordburglar & Timbuktu In Town

    There are two great hip-hop concerts in London, Ontario this weekend and you can catch me DJing at both of them. TONIGHT – Friday Wordburglar and Timbuktu are co-headlining a show tonight! featuring performances by Mad Hattr Ladyface Tempomental Chief Chills Sum-01 and DJ Hullewud and DJ Chase March on the 1s and 2s WHAT: Wordburglar […]

  • Hip-Hop at Culture Days (This Weekend)

    There are two great events happening this weekend that you will be able to find me DJing at. 1. Culture Days at Baker’s Dozen aka B13 The first is Culture Days at Baker’s Dozen. It features music, dance, and art all weekend long. And of course, there are a few hip-hop jams happening here. Friday’s […]

  • The Back to Old School Hip-Hop Show (Sept 7th)

    DWG Entertainment presents . . . The Back to Old School Hip-Hop show! Before school gets fully back into the swing of things, come out and PARTY with us at a super dope hip-hop show! Your DJ for the evening will be none other than Chase March! Performances by: Typewriters Madhattr Tempomental And your headliner, back […]

  • Oliver Spitts – Summer Sessions Tour (London, ON)

    The F.I.T.C.H. Academy Summer Sessions Tour (London, ON) Oliver Spitts is bringing his summer long tour to London, Ontario, Canada tomorrow night. After this show, there are only two stops left on this multiple city tour which has included dates in the U.S.A. and all across Canada. He brings with them the following acts Budd […]

  • Concrete Mob Comes to the Forest City

    Concrete Mob exploded onto the hip-hop scene with their iconic song, “Boiling Point” that was featured on the first Rap Essentials compilation back in 1996. The group consists of emcees; Blackjak and Deuce Deuce. They grew up as childhood friends, beat-boxing and reciting rhymes on their neighborhood streets of downtown Toronto, Canada. They quickly made […]

  • Rocking Buffalo Saturday (Free Hip-Hop Show)

    Chuckie Campbell & The Black Den are back and coming to Casa Di Francesca’s to rock the house, matching some of your best local talent with internationally touring acts making their way across the border. There’s no better place to be if you’re a hip hop head Saturday June 16th! Local Buffalo, NY Acts: Rap […]