• 40 tracks of 2020 on Word is Bond Rap Radio

    I like to freestyle my mixsets and hadn’t planned for this to happen, but last night on the show I spun 40 brand new tracks. It just happened to be Episode #440 as well. So we have 40 songs from 2020 in episode 440. The symmetry is beautiful isn’t it? Press play, enjoy the show, […]

  • Word is Bond Rap Radio – Quiet Trip

    Word is Bond Rap Radio is still being recorded from my home studio while the radio station continues to be under quarantine. But I love to keep the tunes bumping every single week. If you have a request or want to interact with us online, find us on Facebook or comment on a Twitter post or […]

  • The Silent Edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio

    This is The Silent Edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio. It features tracks about silence, peace, and quiet. Dallas Taylor lets us know What Silence Can Teach You About Sound and we look at rap songs that have noticeable rests in them. You can even hear John Cage’s infamous 4:33 in this episode of the show. […]

  • Rest in Peace, DJ Divinyl (WIBRapRadio #437)

    DJ Divinyl was a great DJ who crafted some amazing beats. He is gone way too soon and will be missed by everyone who knew him. DJ Hullewud dedicated the last episode of Break North Radio to his name and featured some of his music. His family and friends also shared their memories of the […]

  • In-Depth and Exclusive with Arrested Development

    Arrested Development are an iconic, award-winning hip-hop group that have been active since the 1990s. With over a dozen albums in their catalogue, and no signs of slowing down, they consistently make great music that keeps your head nodding without dumbing down their message. It was a honour to get Speech and Configa on the […]

  • King Cruff on Word is Bond Rap Radio

    You’ve heard King Cruff on Word is Bond Rap Radio plenty of times over the years. You might not recognize the name because he used to go by Solyd Roy. But get familiar, he is making big moves. King Cruff hosts our annual Black History Month Special every year too. He is a super-cool dude and […]

  • Celebrating 30 Years of Mama Said Knock You Out

    This week on Word is Bond Rap Radio we celebrate LL Cool J’s iconic album Mama Said Knock You Out as it was released 30 years ago this week. Before, we do that though, we spin some great new hip-hop, with a few throwback joints sprinkled in. Chase March & Wizekrak – Word is Bond Theme […]

  • Level Up with Word is Bond Rap Radio

    Need some dope hip-hop in your life? Level Up with this edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio that aired last night on 94.9 fm Radio Western in London, Ontario, Canada. This is college radio with borders. DJ Chase March plays music that he enjoys from Canada, USA, and the world. Chase March & Zeen […]

  • Zoetic Minds – The Final Chapter

    Skepsys of Zoetic Minds called in to Word is Bond Rap Radio last night to talk about what is possibly the last album from the group. If so, it’s a fitting tribute to his partner in the group, Ziggid. Rest in Peace, Ziggid! You will be missed. Before the interview, I started off the show […]

  • Who is Biggie Smalls? (WIB Rap Radio Exclusive)

    Quick question – Do you know who Biggie Smalls is? Have you heard any of his music? I doubt you have. I hadn’t prior to beginning research on the last edition of Know Your History, where I looked at rappers that had the same name as other musicians. I was going to get into Biggie […]