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  • Let’s Make a Change (for the better)

    Today, the Canadian government announced that they will be extending the Canada Emergency Response Benefit for an additional 8 weeks. Over 8.4 million Canadians signed up for the program so far. I wanted to share an excerpt from Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool today because I think Calvin made a great case for continuing this […]

  • Superhero GPOY

    I love how creative some bloggers can be. Let’s take a few moments to look at some of the pieces I’ve come across on Tumblr. Originally posted by Blogman I love this GPOY (Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself) that Superman took. I mean, how else could this shot have been taken? It looks like Superman started something […]

  • Point Out the Positive

    Larry Ferlazzo is a dedicated teacher who has a weekly practice that I can’t help but admire. It only takes a portion of his lunch time and it probably really makes someone’s day. “I walk around campus spotting students — either ones I have now or have had in the past — and they are […]

  • I Thought It Wasn’t For Me

    It’s no secret that I don’t like social networking sites. I’ve written about this topic several times here on Silent Cacophony. That’s why you will probably be surprised that I have been won over by one of them. That’s right, I am on Twitter and enjoying it. At first I didn’t get it and I […]

  • Silent Cacophony is Third in Line

    Silent Cacophony was born a long, long time ago. It was originally a title of a book I tried to write when I was a teenager. This book was going to be the ultimate guide to life; boy was I naïve. It was full of personal observations, stories, anecdotes, commentary, etc. It was quite effectively […]

  • Blog Catalog

    Networking seems to be what the Internet is all about these days. Whether it is sites like Facebook or MySpace, it seems that people want to connect with other people online. I have let it be known on this blog that I don’t much care for these two particular websites. I enjoy the community that […]