Access Interviews

  • Access: Amerigo Gazaway

    Amerigo Gazaway is our special guest for the latest edition of Access. It is our special way of expanding a live radio interview into the realm of video and offering fans some behind the scene footage and conversation. Amerigo Gazaway is an incredible artist who has dropped some classic projects. His specialty is creating cohesive […]

  • Access Interviews – Live Hip-Hop Radio Archive

    Access is a special segment of Our Show on 91.5 WPRK in Winterpark, Florida. It’s live and interactive radio where we interview all sorts of hip-hop artists and interesting people in the music business. And through the power of the Internet, I am able to be on the show quite regularly without ever having to leave the country. I’m […]

  • Access: Devine Carama

    Devine Carama is our special guest for this edition of Access. It’s live and interactive radio co-hosted by Conshus and yours truly, Chase March. Press play and enjoy! And here is a brief run-down of our conversation. (4:35) Introductions (5:26) 1st project / 1st rhyme / The Come Up (6:56) Taking Rap seriously (7:48) Mixtapes […]

  • Access: Bishop Nehru

    Bishop Nehru is a talented emcee and our special guest for this edition of Access. It’s live and interactive radio. I reworked this video interview into a radio show that you might have already heard. If not, you can press play on the video below, or swing over to The Word is Bond to check […]

  • Access: 88 HIPHOP

    88 HIPHOP was definitely ahead of its time. It was one of the first Internet hip-hop shows. When it started, I wasn’t even online at the time. It began as a radio show that was available through the phone lines only. It quickly moved to video and had some very historic broadcasts since its 1996 […]

  • Access: Pharoahe Monch TODAY

    Pharoahe Monche will be our special guest for this week’s live and interactive radio show. This program is a partnership between Our Show, Kevin Nottingham, The Word is Bond, DOPEfm, and Silent Cacophony. Conshus runs the segment live on the radio in Florida on 91.5 WPRK and I join him via the magic of Google Hangouts. You can listen to the […]

  • Jean Grae Live TODAY

    This week, just ahead of International Women’s Day, we have one of the most talented rappers in the game joining us for the radio program. Jean Grae will be our special guest and we will talk to her about her music, her books, her television series, and all things hip-hop. We will also be spinning […]