2019 Reads

  • Pleasantly Surprised by The Wild Robot

    The Wild Robot and The Wild Robot Escapes by Peter Brown It’s not weird to enjoy children’s literature at my age is it? If so, I don’t care. I picked this one up because it was recommended to me via my library app.  When I started reading it, I almost put it down. The very […]

  • The War Doctor’s Story – Finally Told

    Engines of War by George Mann The Day of the Doctor was a movie event celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. It was an incredible experience to share with a group of fans in the cinema. If you know anything about the iconic television series, you will know that a variety of people have […]

  • Doctor Who Passes the Baton

    Doctor Who – The Road to the Thirteenth Doctor The Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors all have continuing adventures in the comics and they are about to be joined by their newest incarnation. While the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor have new, comics only, companions, the Twelfth Doctor still travels with Bill Potts. They all go […]

  • Someone is Always By Your Side (Two by Two)

    Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks Russ is married to a beautiful woman and seemingly has it all. When the novel opens, he is retelling the story about the birth of their daughter. He admits that she came into the picture a little early in the marriage. And there are signs that things aren’t all […]

  • Superman Dazzles in Issue #1000

    Action Comics #1000 – Deluxe Edition Superman debuted in the first issue of Action Comics back in 1938. It took 80 years, but there are now over 1000 issues of that comic, along with several other Superman series. This is the original though and it’s great to see it being celebrated in graphic novel form. […]

  • Questlove is on a Creative Quest

    Creative Quest by Questlove Questlove is most famous for being the drummer of The Roots, but he is many more things. He is a DJ, a music connoisseur, an avid record collector, a music journalist, and a writer, among other things. His latest book explores creativity in a unique way. Here are some of the […]

  • Hip-Hop Was Always Inclusive

    Hip-Hop was always an inclusive art form. From its humble beginnings in the Bronx to its expansion throughout the world though, it has moved away from its roots and forgotten this fundamental truth. Dart Adams breaks it down in his new book, The Book of Dart, part of the Best Damn Hip Hop Writing series. […]

  • Old School New School Need to Learn Though

    Run-DMC is my favourite group of all time and literally my introduction to rap music and hip-hop culture. When I first heard them, I knew they were something new and special. They referred to their style as “all brand new, never-ever old school” and back then, I wasn’t quite sure what that meant. Now, old […]

  • Why There Will Never Be Another Golden Era in Hip-Hop

    The Golden Age of Hip-Hop was a magical time where we had amazing releases from a variety of acts with unique and varied styles that somehow seemed to mesh and compliment one another. According to Dart Adams, there isn’t one continuous golden era, however. “Some people believe it that the Golden Era was one continuous […]

  • Teachers Need to Lead By Example

    Preshool Clues: Raising Smart, Inspired, and Engaged Kids in a Screen-Filled World by Angela C. Santomero For the past month, my Teaching Tip Tuesday posts have been directly inspired by the wisdom in this book. First, we looked at how we can use scaffolding to help our students reach new heights. Then, we looked at […]