Tiye Phoenix, In-Depth & Exclusive

Tiye Phoenix is an emcee and producer who has been featured on tracks by some the most notable hip-hop. She is part of the group Polyrhythm Addicts alongside DJ Spinna, Shabaam Sahdeeq and Mr. Complex. You have heard her on tracks with The Artifacts, Talib Kweli, Eternia, and Jean Grae to name a few.

This year she dropped two EPs and her most recent one is blowing up on college radio charts. It was an honour to get her on the program this week for this in-depth and exclusive interview. We start out with a half-hour mixset of her music and keep it moving for two hours with some real hip-hop music and talk.

Chase March & Zeen Sloshy – Word is Bond Theme
Tiye Phoenix ft The Artifacts – Nobody’s Safe
Tiye Phoenix – Better
Eternia ft Polyrhythm Addicts – Ladies and Gentlemen
El Da Sensei & The Returners ft Tiye Phoenix – Right Move (No Mistakes)
Tiye Phoenix – Killin Everybody
Tiye Phoenix ft Queen Herawin, & StaHHR – Kill Bill 3
Little Brother ft Tiye Phoenix – Too Late For Us
Likwuid ft Tiye Phoenix – Queendom Anthem
Hip Hop for Respect – Protective Custody
Tiye Phoenix – So Real
Eternia ft Tiye Phoenix and Jean Grae – The BBQ (Remix)
Polyrhythm Addicts – One Chance
Tiye Phoenix – Take It Sirius
Tiye Phoenix – 1 Percent
Aquakultre & Uncle Fester ft Ambeez & Nilla – Hard Reset
Fortunato and Dirty Dane – Forever
LMNO & Madlib – Mission Statement
Chris Cachia – Stop (Me)
All Natural & Panik – Life Is
Wyld Bunch & MiLKCRATE – Back in the Dayz
Hip Hop HeadUcatorz – Alphabet Soup (Jon Corbin Remix)
PHC is Bo Gus and Richard Catesh – Up in the Air
Mr. Lif & Stu Bangaz – Shelter in Place
Swamp Thing ft Wordburglar & DjiRATE – Tunnel Vision
Yaw Geez ft Skyzoo – Take Two
Verbal Kent & The Other Guys – Bacon & Eggs
Potatohead People ft T3, Illa, & Kapok – What It Feels Like
Psalm Trees – Since a Child


Original air date – Thursday November 12, 2020

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