Tips for Rappers Doing Live Shows

Proper Care of DJs

Are you performing at a rap concert? There are a few things you need to do to make sure everything runs smoothly with the DJ. Follow these tips and you will have a great night!

Organize Your Set

Create a folder that is clearly labelled with your emcee or group name. Make sure all of the tracks are numbered in the order you want to perform them. Don’t have a mess of files and try to organize them with the DJ. Do this before you get to the show.

Put this folder on a USB or email it to the DJ ahead of time.

Performance Tracks

Your set list needs to use the instrumental versions of your songs. This means the tracks you give the DJ are only beats. They should not have any vocals on them, other than an occasional ad-lib. Don’t rap over your own vocals.

Remember, beats only. No vocals. You do that part live.

Introduce Yourself

Deejays are busy and don’t have time to come find you. When you get to the venue, make sure you go on the stage and introduce yourself to the DJ.

“Hello, my name is ___________. Are you the DJ for the night?”

Bring Your Beats

When you introduce yourself, give the DJ the USB with all of your beats on it. Don’t wait to do this just before your set. Do it early so both you and the DJ can be sure that your songs get loaded into the computer properly.

Get your USB back. This is your responsibility. In most cases, you will get it back right away.

Thank the DJ

Acknowledge the DJ, by name, at least once during your set. Thank him or her for providing the music.

The backbone of hip-hop is the DJ. Show them respect!

The Power of Radio

Remember, a lot of the time, the concert DJ also has a radio show. Give them a copy of your album or offer to send it via email and get some airplay too. You might even be able to go in live and get an interview on the program. Don’t forget that you can send your music to campus and college radio stations and DJs / hosts.

Be Professional

Be professional. Have fun!