Time Warp

It’s like science fiction. I have this machine at my house that steals my time. Time seems to warp or bend so that hours fly by and nothing gets done.

I used to use my computer for productive things. I would pre-write blog entries to maximize the limited amount of Internet time I could get at the library. I’d check my email, make a move on a correspondence chess game, post a blog entry, and read and comment on my favourite blogs.

My computer at home was not hooked up to the Internet. I would use it just to write, I’d write creatively. I’d write blog entries. I’d write lesson or unit plans for school. I’d sometimes make PowerPoint presentations for school.

Now that my computer at home is hooked up to the Internet, I find myself being less creative. I constantly surf because I can. I check out a lot of hip-hop blogs and sites. I watch some videos. But it seems like I am just being an aimless traveller on this world wide web.

I’m wasting my time. I should be writing something. I had the time to do just this weekend but I’ve dwindled it all away on frivolous pursuits. I’ve chased pointless nothings around the net.

I really need to do something about this time-sucking machine. I need my time back. I have things I should be doing.

4 responses to “Time Warp”

  1. I know how you feel sometimes. I’m on everyday, but some days I just check my email and of course your blog, and others I spend a few hours on the internet. I try to break up the time so that I am only on the computer, say on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for a long time. This lets me stay sane and the dishes get done as well. 🙂 S

  2. Hey Silverfish,

    I think I might need to have no internet days and just stick to that. Perhaps that is my only hope. Either that or get rid of the internet at home, which I don’t really think I could do now.

  3. And sometimes the body and mind just need a break from doing what they should. Be aware of the time, but don’t beat yourself up for looking at things you love. 🙂