This Generation Needs Ms Marvel

Ms. Marvel Graphic Novels

I finally got back to reading Ms. Marvel. I really enjoy this series. It’s nice to see a teenage girl who struggles with her faith, school, family, and friends while keeping a superhero identity secret and fighting the good fight, as it were.

Here are the details on my latest binge read.

Vol 4 – Last days

In Volume 4 we get to see her team up with Captain Marvel, which is something that fans of this book have been waiting for. Both characters end up learning something from the other. The story takes place during the huge “Secret Wars” event that basically rebooted the Marvel Comics Universe. It feels like an ending to her story and the world as we know it. Fortunately, it isn’t.

Vol 5 – Super Famous

In the next chapter of the on-going graphic novel series, Ms. Marvel officially joins the Avengers. She also becomes famous when a developer starts using her image (without her permission) in a series of Billboard Ads. It looks like the ads are being used to turn the city against her.

Vol 6 – Civil War II

In Volume 6, we get to see her normal high school life with a science fair event and then ties into the second Civil War that is going on in pretty much every Marvel comic title. We also get to see a flashback to the first time she revisited Pakistan since she was young. In the last story she turned down the romantic pursuits of her friend, Bruno, but is a little troubled that he seems to be moving on already. Plus, he brother has announced that he is getting married.

Vol 7 – Damage Per Second

The next chapter get political. Ms Marvel has to do anything she can to stop an evil villain from getting elected. Also, a computer program gains sentience and grows beyond the game she had been playing with a group of online friends. Apparently, this new entity is fueled by the negative emotions online. Just think of how much trolling goes on and how a learning computer could learn to behave the same way. Scary. Finally, we get to see Bruno trying to fit in, in his new life in Wakanda.

Vol 8 – Mecca

In Volume 8, Ms. Marvel still has to fight against City Hall. Things did not turn out the way we thought they would have after her victory in the last volume. The city is stamping down on terrorism and innocent people are being arrested and harassed. It’s also interesting to see how her parents are dealing with Kamala being an Inhuman. We learned a few issues back that her mother figured out her secret.

I recommend diving into this series. It’s a great title and the hero is someone you will easily fall in love with and root for.

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