The Walking Dead (Brief Respite)

Walking Dead Volume 10

The Walking Dead: Volume 10 – What We Become

I have been reading this series courtesy of the public library. I should have read volume 8 and 9 next but I looked at the first few pages and realized that the Governor story had been completed and a new arc had started, so I didn’t worry about skipping chapters. I will get back to them soon. I am sure.  They will probably be at the library next time anyway.

This volume of the story has the survivors in a calm place. They are camping outside and keeping guard just like the old days before they held up in a prison.

Walking Dead Volume 11

The Walking Dead: Volume 11 – Fear the Hunters

One of the scariest things in this on-going series is the humans. They are far more dangerous than than the brainless zombies.

You would think that in the zombie apocalypse people would just naturally come together to stay alive and combat the undead menace together. Instead, they are often at odds with each other and more so than not, in violent ways. I won’t give away any of the story here. The title sets up it  Just remember this is a horror comic.

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