The Walking Dead – At War Again

Walking Dead Vol18

The Walking Dead: Volume 18 – What Comes Next

Rick had high hopes that society was starting to rebuild in a way that could actually work. But Negan is not a fair or kind ruler. We already knew that from the past volume, but things get even more intense and unbearable this issue.

Walking Dead Vol19

The Walking Dead: Volume 19 – March to War

An unlikely alliance starts to come together and training for war begins. But Negan seems to be two steps ahead of them. It looks like they have quite the battle on their hands.

I am trying not to give away much of the plot with these reviews. I know several people that are at different stages in the series, whether they are reading them or watching them on TV.

No matter what medium you consume these stories in, there is do doubt that it is a compelling story that is very well done.

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