The Ultimate “Link in Bio” Page

Ultimate Link in Bio Page

There is a problem with some social media platforms. It is often hard to put up links to various types of content.

In Instagram, for example, your posts cannot contain hyperlinks. The only place to put a URL is on your profile page. That is why you often see, “Link in bio” on various posts.

Here is what my bio looks like.

Chase March Instagram Profile

I used to have the hyperlink go to my website, but when I posted about a blog article or podcast, the user would have to do a bit of navigating to find the content I was referring to.

I thought the best way around this problem would be to link directly to my blog. This way, people who were interested in the content, could go there first and find the content easily.

But what about my music links and other social media accounts? How could people easily find these?

All this information is on my webpage but I wanted to put everything in one place so it was clean, simple, and easy to use.

I also realized that many people rely primarily on their cell phones to navigate the web. Several platforms for social media are designed specifically for mobile phones.

So I designed a landing page that I could put in my bio and use as a one-link-fits-all platform.

This is what I came up with.

Chase March Info Links

I really like how this works. It is visual, the buttons are large and unmistakable. And now when I post an image about my podcast, a book review, or links to a new album or track, people will be able to locate it quickly and easily.

Want a One-Link-Fits-All Landing Page? 

This template is designed for mobile phones but also works well on computers and tablets. It’s also fairly easy to add buttons. Are you on Spotify or another platform you would like to highlight? I can add buttons for anything you desire. Just let me know what you want and I will create it.

If you want one of these, here are your options.

1) Just the Code 

I can give you the code so you can copy and paste what I have done for your wordpress site. This will give you everything you see above with the ten buttons as they are. You can set them to go to your profiles easily and delete any you do not need. Price – $10.00.

2) Customized

I will build up to ten buttons to suit your needs. They can be absolutely anything you want. I will add the code to link them to whatever URL you provide. I will also provide two updates for free so you can add or remove buttons later if you so choose. Price – $30.00

3) Hosted

You get everything in the second package plus hosting for the landing page. This is perfect for anyone who does not have a website. The address for your page will be something like It’s a radio platform that I am currently building. There will be a line near the bottom of your landing page advertising this as a service Chase March provides. Price $45.00

4) Updates

Package 2 and Package 3 come with two free updates. Additional updates can easily be made for $3.00.

Buy Yours Now

Contact me if you want to get your own One-Link-Fits-All Landing page.