The TARDIS is Complete

I put the finishing touches on my homemade TARDIS today.

I’ve been blogging about the process for the past several weeks. You can see how I constructed the frame, attached the walls, added wood trim, attached a roof, and painted it.

The next thing I needed to to do was add the signage.

First, I found a printable file of the Police Public Call box sign. I formatted it into MS Word and printed off five copies of it onto Ledger Paper (11×17 inches)

I then cut the two portions of the sign and glued them together. I did this five times even though I only needed four copies to go along the top of the TARDIS. I figured that I might need an extra one for some reason.

It turns out that I did. I laminated them and one of them didn’t take. The plastic didn’t seal properly on it and since it was an extra one, I was able to throw it out.

I also laminated the two door signs and affixed them with spray adhesive.

The coolest thing about the plastic wall construction is that these windows are translucent. I will be putting a light inside and adding one for the top light so this thing will really shine.

So here is the completed TARDIS.

I plan on adding an interior light so the windows will glow, a separate light for the top lantern, and an MP3 player with a small speaker inside so the time machine will make authentic sounds.

I also plan on making a fan film. After those last details are added, I’ll start working on the script.

7 responses to “The TARDIS is Complete”

  1. Hi Chase .. I admire your perseverence .. it looks great, but with a blue light, intermittent lights inside and the MP3 player scaring everyone .. that will be a great deal of fun …

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    It was a lot of fun to build. I actually surprised myself. I've never done anything remotely close to this before.


  3. ERH MAI GAD!!! I'm building/transforming a cabinet in to a TARDIS tomorrow night for my fiance's surprise birthday. Is there ANY way you can email me that sign?!? I have the white one, I NEED THE BLACK ONE!!! Heeelllppp!!

  4. I lost the PDF I made up for this. I had it on a thumbdrive that has since disappeared. I found the image online and copied it into MS Word, formatted it the right size, and then printed it off. Hopefully you will have no trouble doing the same. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!