The Sweathearts of the Galaxy Need Your Help

Tallest Silver and Kit Quinn are the Sweathearts of the Galaxy.

If you’ve followed me on the blog or on Tumblr, you already know that I am a big fan of their cosplay. I especially love Tallest Silver as Power Girl.

They are trying to finance a web series and they need your help. Watch the video below and you’ll be sold on the project.

Support Sweathearts of the Galaxy!

Go to their Kickstarter page and make a pledge to get this series off the ground. I’ve already backed the project.

As I type this, they are at 89% of their goal. The time is counting down as well. In 32 hours the pledge drive will be over. So head over to the site today and lend your support. They have all sorts of incentives.

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One response to “The Sweathearts of the Galaxy Need Your Help”

  1. They did it.

    Thanks to anyone who helped out.

    This is the email update I got this morning . . .

    "A couple weeks ago, we were so ready to be disappointed, but then we had a wonderfully warm tumblr from comic book writer Gail Simone, an enthusiastic tweet from Mythbuster Grant Imahara, and an outpouring of love from fans and friends who liked, shared, commented and donated.

    Now, you have given us your confidence and your money, and we will make a great show and return the favor by giving you something you will love to watch. (We'll be in touch with all our backers in the next week re fulfillment of rewards. Some will go out by the end of April; some others will have to wait until we've finished shooting.)

    And now to work…"