The Strange Library

What a strange looking book. The front cover opens from the bottom to the top. Underneath it, another flap needs to be folded down. The text on the first page is ridiculously large. It doesn’t quite fit two paragraphs. After that, the text is a more conventional size. There are colourful illustrations throughout as well.

I found this at the public library and was going to reshelve it but I couldn’t get over how weird it was. I thought that I recognized the author too.

Wasn’t this the same guy who wrote What I Talk About When I Talk About Running?

I looked it up, and sure enough, I was right. Anyone who runs marathons has to be a bit weird. I love running but would never consider running that far and for that long.

Another thing I never considered? That public libraries aren’t be completely free. That’s what the main character of this book finds out. He has to pay the price for going to the library to satisfy his curiosity. I can’t say much more without giving you spoilers.

It’s a quick read that you can get through in about the time it takes to watch a TV show. And those strange flaps make good bookmarks if you choose to not to read it in one sitting.

This edition of the book was translated by Ted Goossen and designed by Chip Kidd. It’s definitely worth checking out. Just don’t be scared to visit the public library. This is fiction after all, right? . . . I hope!

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