The Power of Musical Education

“We make a big mistake in education by compensating everyone called ‘teacher’ on the same salary schedule. Music teachers arguable work longer hours, have greater influence, and contribute more to the community than most of their colleagues. Music education positions are unique. Why should a music educator’s salary be equal to that of a colleague who never works past the minimum workday? Is equal really fair? Hardly, but unfortunately the majority allows the status quo to continue.”

What an incredible idea. I don’t expect to get paid more simply because I teach instrumental music now. But I am putting in more hours. I not only manage several classes, hold extra practice sessions, and run regular extra-curricular activities each and every week, but I also have instruments to maintain and repair. All of this takes a lot of extra time.

While I agree with the sentiment here, I don’t see anything about this changing. I would argue that we need more money for music education but it doesn’t necessarily have to go to my salary. It can go to instrument repair and purchasing, band uniforms, and travelling expenses so we can play and perform frequently.

I think music is a gift that should be shared. Students learn a lot through performance. They learn that it takes commitment and discipline to put on a show. They can feel proud in a job well done. They can feel part of a group. They learn cooperation and feel a sense of community.

I think everyone should have a chance to experience these things. Some get it through sports, the rest get it through the arts. I love both. I am an athlete and a musician and I absolutely love it.

Enhancing the Professional Practice of Music Teachers: 101 Tips that Principals Want Music Teachers to Know and Do by Paul G. Young

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2 responses to “The Power of Musical Education”

  1. Hi Chase .. sadly people see all people as equal regardless of the quality of work they put in .. it's easy to categorise –

    I'd love to be able to play, dance, write music … etc but I was able to experience it a little at school … the sport element I can do!

    Cheers – but congratulations on giving more and achieving more in the process – having those lovely experiences of life … happy 2013 – Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I wish pay wasn't based on salary grids, hours worked, and other artificial ways of measuring worth. I guess we really don't have a better way though.

    I am so glad that my parents put me in music lessons as a kid. It's something that has stayed with me my entire life.

    Happy New Year!