Music of Science (Wu-Tang Education)

ODB of the Wu-Tang Clan once said that “Wu-Tang is for the children.”

It’s one of the reasons that educators should try their best to incorporate hip-hop pedagogy into their practice. You don’t have to be part of hip-hop culture to do so either. Last week, I shared a post about accessing your students’ passions. This could be one way of doing so. Why not try it out?

Here is a lesson you can share with your students now as part of your distance learning. GZA’s “The Music of Science.”

Download these materials for the lesson.

Here are some additional or bonus questions you can pose to your students

1. The reason for making hip hop music has changed, over time, for some people. How can the reason for making hip hop music differ from person to person?
2. Between science and music, which do you think is more “universal”? Explain why you think so.
3. Do you agree with the suggestion that teaching science through music is effective?

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