The Math Album by Hip Hop Headucatorz (Music + Resources)

What Math Has For You is the introductory track to The Math Album, a project that Hip Hop Headucatorz have created for teachers to use in their classroom. Not only are there seven songs based on the four operations in mathematics, but there are ready-to-use resources for your classroom, too. First off, there are lyric videos that help illustrate the concepts taught in each verse. These are free to watch here on YouTube. The 80-page booklet contains textbook-type pages that explain the concepts and worksheets that vary in difficulty. It was designed by teachers for teachers and is suitable for students in Grades 1-6. It will be available for purchase on our Bandcamp and Teachers Pay Teachers store.

This first single comes with a sampler of the 80-page teacher resource and has ready-to-use activities for the classroom.

Here is the music video for the first track and it features the vocals of Jolene.


Boom! Add it up what math has for you
You need it in life, it’s obvious, it’s true
You need it every day not just in math class
I’ll prove it to you, and here are the facts
I wake up and check the time on the clock
And calculate how much time that I got
To get myself ready for school for the day
That’s a calculation like when you weigh
The fruit that you bought at the store with your mom
You need the total, for that, you need the sum
You need to add it up, it helps to round the price
It’s easier to add, you can follow this advice
Estimates help to find mistakes that you made
If you catch them you get a higher grade
That’s not all, you learn to be precise It’s cool to do math without a device

Worksheet Sample (just one of several pages in the download)


All lyrics written by the performers.
Vocals by A-Cubed, Chase March, Jolene, and Wizekrak
Produced by Chase March and Wizekrak
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Wizekrak
Videos produced by Wizekrak
Book and art designed by Chase March

Get This Resource For Free (Teachers Pay Teachers) (Bandcamp)

Look for the Full-Length Math Album later this week!