The Green Lantern Team

Green Lantern Comic Review

Green Lantern Corps – Edge of Oblivion

The Green Lantern Corps find themselves alone in a dying universe. They need to find a way out of it and back to their own universe before its too late. However, the universe isn’t as empty as it seems. There is a single planet left and it is full of refugees from other worlds. The people on this planet seem to be under the protection of two powerful aliens. But is everything as it seems? Can they save the refugees and get back home? Maybe the only way to do right is to fight to the end of the universe, even if that means sacrificing themselves.

Green Lanterns Vol 1 – Rage Planet

The Earth needs a new Green Lantern since the Corps is busy fighting a threat in the far reaches of the universe. However, we get two really green (pardon the pun) recruits instead of just one. Hal Jordan forces them to work together by providing them with only one lantern. They will need to recharge their rings together and learn from each other if they are to be successful as Green Lanterns.

Jessica Cruz has crippling anxiety problems. She isn’t sure she is cut out to be a Green Lantern. But the ring chose her so it might know something she doesn’t. Simon Baz, on the other hand is hot headed and rushes into situations without thinking. He also doesn’t fully trust his ring. He carries a gun, just in case.

Can these two amateurs learn how to be Earth’s protectors? Can they fight off an attack by the Red Lanterns that threatens to turn the entire population into brainless creatures of rage?

Green Lanterns Vol 2 – The Phantom Lantern

One of the tenets of Green Lantern mythology is that the rings are somewhat sentient. When a Green Lantern dies, the rings actively search out a replacement. The new bearer needs to be worthy to wield the power and take on the mantel of a Green Lantern. That’s not the case for a single ring from the past. An exiled Guardian returns to Earth with The Phantom Ring, a ring that anyone can wear to wield all the powers of the spectrum. In the wrong hands, this ring could spell disaster.

Jessica and Simon are starting to come into their own as Green Lanterns. It has been nice to see their journey thus far and I definitely want to read more.

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