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I had a really tough time programming this week’s edition of Word is Bond Rap Radio because it happens to fall on Canada Day and I knew that I needed to do something different this year. I had to acknowledge the First Nations artists we have in hip-hop. I asked for artist and song suggestions on Facebook and was overwhelmed by the response. I quickly filled up a two hour show of indigenous hip-hop. That episode will air on Thursday July 1st and will be podcasted here as well.

The episode you can stream or download today is not that show. It’s another one that I just had to do though. We lost The Gift of Gab of Blackalicious and being the huge fan that I am, I had to lay down a tribute mix for him. I’ve decide to podcast that mix today to celebrate his life, legacy, and incredible music.

This episode will air next week and will be followed by an hour of the show you have already heard. Therefore, there will be no new podcast next week.

Let’s take a moment now to pay our respects to The Gift of Gab. This show is for you!

It appears that the above player will not work this week in a few different countries. I don’t like the limitations the Internet places on DJ mixes. It doesn’t really make sense. I varied the mix with different albums, included solo projects, and spanned many different years of his career. It’s a fitting tribute, in my humble opinion.

Anyway, here is an alternative streaming link.

Blacklicious – Shallow Days
Blacklicious – Rock the Spot
Blacklicious ft Lateef & Pigeon John – Side to Side
The Gift of Gab – Evolution
Blacklicious – You Didn’t Know That Though
The Gift of Gab – Supreme Lyricism
Blacklicious – Rhymes for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind
The Gift of Gab – In Las Vegas
Blacklicious – Twist of Time
Blacklicious – Alphabet Aerobics
Blacklicious – Deception
Gift of Gab ft R.A. The Rugged Man ft A.F.R.O. – Freedom Form Flowing
Blacklicious ft Lateef, Lyrics Born, Monophonics, & DJ D Sharp – Alpha & Omega
Quannum MCs ft Souls of Mischief – Extravaganza
Blacklicious ft Lyrics Born – Do This My Way
Blacklicious ft Cut Chemist – Chemical Calisthenics

This episode will air Thursday July 8, 2021 on 94.9 fm Radio Western.

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