The Fault in Our Stars


The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I’ve wanted to read this book for quite a long time. I’d heard about the author from a few of my blogging buddies who simple rave about his work. Yet, I’d never gotten around to reading anything from him prior to now.

I was finally motivated to read it, because I knew that several of my students were excited about the film version being released this summer. I managed to finish reading it the night before the film was released too. Whew, I avoided any possible spoilers.

The book was well-written and I enjoyed the story. I also liked the twist on the convention of “sick-people-stories.” It wasn’t about what the sick could teach the other characters. The other characters were almost inconsequential. This was a story about how teenagers with terminal illnesses live and interact.

One of the characters was concerned that he wouldn’t have a heroic death. People tend to romanticize death from illness, saying things like, “he fought the good fight, right till the end, and never complained.” But the characters make fun of that sentiment too.

It’s a great story that seems to say, “We all matter.”

I never felt sorry for the characters. John Green did a great job of making them feel real. I didn’t pity them for being sick, I just wanted to see them live and enjoy life while they could. They seemed to understand that all of our days are numbered. They were trying to figure it out just like we all are.

Now, I’m ready to go see the movie. Hope it lives up to the book!

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