The Best of Last June

Chasing Content - June 2018

I didn’t blog much last June. I was pretty busy with work and pursuing my Masters Degree. So, it is a rather short list this month for Chasing Content. There were only three posts other than podcasts. The two posts highlighted below though are worth revisiting.

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The Life Goals of a Twelve-Year-Old

Did you ever make a list of life goals when you were young? Have you ever revisited it? That, in essence, is the plot of this novel by Lori Nelson Spielman. It revolves around a thirty-something woman who wrote a list when she was twelve years old. She crumpled up the paper and threw in the garbage without a second thought. Her mother, however, rescued it from the trash, kept it for over twenty years, and wrote a special condition into her will that would have her complete the list. [Keep Reading]

Rap Music Needs More Anthologies

Rap is poetry. The way emcees put together words and deliver them can be magical. This book tries to highlight that be stripping everything else away except for the words on a page. The editors let the words speak for themselves as well. There are no annotations and  nothing to help interpret any given line. [Keep Reading]

Thanks for Chasing Content with me!

Please click on the links above to explore these posts in more detail. I’ll see you at the start of February for another edition of “Chasing Content.”