The 13th Doctor is The Good Doctor

Doctor Who: The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson

While we have been patiently waiting for new Doctor Who adventures on our television, I have been continuing her adventures through comics and novels.

In this story, The Doctor and her companions save the day and help unite the inhabitants of a planet at war. But when they sail off in the TARDIS, Graham realizes that he left his cell phone on the planet.

They go back to retrieve it only to find that the peace that they helped broker didn’t last. It turns out that they arrived a little late to get his phone back; 600 years late.

The lost phone isn’t the problem though. The temples in the shape of the TARDIS are. That plus, the people seem to be worshiping someone they refer to as The Good Doctor, and they are using these beliefs to subjugate an entire race.

How did this happen? Can the Doctor help them to see the error of their ways? Will they even listen to her? They seem to have something against women. Maybe her companions will help to save the day this time.

The Doctor returns tomorrow with the traditional holiday episode. This one proves to be exciting with the return of popular enemies and allies. I can’t wait!

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