The 11th Doctor Still Travels with The Ponds

Doctor Who Archives Vol 2

The Eleventh Doctor Archives: Volume 2

I haven’t read Volume 1 of this collection, but I would like to. I read graphic novels out of order all the time, simply due to the fact that I borrow whatever is available from the public library when I visit one of the branches.

I really loved the team-up of the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams. They might just be my favourite TARDIS team of all time. That is why, I will always love reading further adventures of them in the comics.

Did you know that a lot of Doctor Who is based on historical events?

Have you ever heard of the Beer Flood of 1814?

I know that I hadn’t. I wasn’t even sure it was a real thing. But as I read this book, I asked the librarian and he knew about it.

Here is what it says in the comic,

“On 17 October, 1814, the horse show brewery burst open, flooding the St. Giles neighbourhood with 323,000 gallons of beer?”

This collection features seven stories from the monthly comic book series. For everyone who loves to see Matt Smith in a Fez, you won’t be disappointed. I also really liked the story where Amy thinks both Rory and the Doctor could use a “Boys’ Night”. It was quite funny!

I blog about every book I read and create yearly reading logs. I’ll see you back here soon with another title.

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