That One Special Person

My cousin got married on the weekend. The ceremony was a short and sweet affair on the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day and everything about it seemed perfect. I’m happy for her and her new husband. I hope they have a wonderful life together.

The wedding was amazing. I have been to several weddings in my life and most of them have been good. This one, though, struck me as being romantic and perfect. It was nice to see that but it also made me a bit lonely.

At one point in the evening, the DJ asked everyone who was happily married to stand up. Almost everyone in the room was standing. I wanted to shrug and hide under the table. It hammered home the fact that I haven’t found my soul mate yet. Everyone at my table already had, my cousins. Two of the couples had been married for six years and one for ten years.

I am happy for all of these happily married people in my family. I wish them all the best, who knows, maybe one day I will be in their illustrious group. Till then, I guess I am still on that search for that one special person.

5 responses to “That One Special Person”

  1. Sigh, me too. I’m writing a post on damaged goods right now.

    Let’s write our sad love stories and make millions of them. (I’m bad at trying to hide my hurt with comedy =D)

  2. I hear you. I was actually thinking of trying to write the same sad love story from both the female and male perspective. I would really need to imagine how it felt from the other side of our sorry relationship but I think it could work. Could be cathartic too.

    chipazoid, I commented on your blog too.

  3. Lol, thanks man.

    If you want tips on the female perspective, gimme an email or leave a comment on my blog. I have heaps of stories. I honestly am not sure if both sides would be around the same or not.