That Hurt! Ninjaz Take Out the Zombie (I mean, me)

Ninja Vs Zombie game from

When I work with kids, I always ham it up. I run and jump and am very active. This summer, I am working at a theatre arts camp and it gives me the chance to do some physical acting and comedy. I absolutely love it.

Yesterday, I was playing the role of a zombie and there was a kung-fu scene in the script. All I had to do was take a little beating and fall down. And in typical Chase March fashion, I jumped back with the kick to the gut and then rolled to the floor with the karate chop to the back. It was a great piece of physical acting.

But, after that scene, my back hurt a little. I didn’t think much of it. I sat down and directed the next scene of the play. Rehearsal went great but my back really hurt. It continued to bother me all day. I could barely walk.

But then I thought back to last October. I was in a Grade 2 gym class and somehow tweaked my back. I hurt for about a week and then I was fine.

I thought the same thing had happened. I was planning on going home and applying heat to it. I was sure the pain would pass. But trying to get into the car almost killed me. The pain was unbearable. I struggled just to get in the car.

At home, I applied heat to it and took a muscle relaxant. It felt better until I started getting ready for bed. In the mirror, I could actually see that my upper body was bent and leaning to the left. It was scary. I’d had back pain before but it was never visible.

So, I went to see a chiropractor today. I was always scared of them but I really didn’t see any other choice. I had to do something about this pain and the fact that I am pretty bent right now. It’s really uncomfortable.

The first session went okay but I am still in pain. It turns out that I have one of the most common afflictions they see. The doctor thinks I’ll be fixed up in a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted.

The History of My back Injury