Tecumseh Skatepark

Tecumseh Park is located at 334 Russell St., S. in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

and is just one of the several skateparks you can find in the city.

If you want to skate here and have some kids, they can enjoy the playground while you perform some great tricks.

This is a great grinding platform with multiple heights and options.

I took these pictures at the start of the season this year, The leaves are no longer there and the park is looking nice.

There is also a Splash Pad in this park and an abandoned tennis or basketball court.

Here is the wide quarter-pipe.

It’s not the best skatepark I’ve visited but it is a decent one. I forgot to get a close-up photo of that picnic table obstacle. I’m not skilled enough to use that one. Maybe you are. So, go skate and have fun!

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