Team LO & E Browning Live (WIB Rap Radio)

For the past several weeks we have been closing out the radio show with live performances and this week sees the end of that series. It’s nice to be able to perform in front of live audiences again. If you haven’t made it to a concert yet, I hope you’ve enjoyed the recording we made from Old East Bar and Grill in London last month.

Today you will hear sets from Team LO and E Browning, as well as some great new music!

Chase March & Zeen Sloshy – Word is Bond Theme
Abyss ft Big Dese (cuts Improv the SuperVillain) – Pest Control
Cesar Comanche and Poe Mack – Algorhythm
Snowgoons ft Ransom & K-Prez – Levitation
Jav the Dentist ft UBI – Gold Standard (Way It Works)
Animal Gang – On Animal
Soviets ft Skyzoo – Rasputin Gems
Eternia & Rel McCoy ft Mr Lif & Eliki Sol – The Story of Us
Dead Monarchs & Tragedy Khadafi ft Krs-One & A.G. – Modern Day Gangsta
Little Simz – I Love You I Hate You
Malus & Lyrical Waterslide ft Steph Pockets – More Peace and More Love
Gift of Gab ft Omega Rae Brooks – Breathe In
Bread of Kaliwad ft Keak Da Sneak & UR67 – Feels So Good
Juga-Naut & Giallo Point – Top of the World
Jon Corbin – Back to the Basics
Common ft Marcus King & Isaiah Sharkey – Poetry
Stezo ft Johnny Famous & Chris Lowe – Keep the Groove
M.W.P. ft Ill Conscious – Ziplocks
Oxygen ft Dr Becket & Emskee – The Process
Team LO – That’s It (Live)
Team LO – F&@karound (Live)
Team LO – Night Freak (Live)
Team LO – Hypnotize (Live)
Team LO – Lingo (Live)
E Browning – Hatin Cause I’m Back (Live)
E Browning – Ain’t About It (Live)
E Browning – Take Control (Live)
E Browning – Hands Up (Live)
E Browning – Shawty Thicc Thicc (Live)

Thanks for listening!

Original Air Date – Thursday September 23, 2021

Live Concert Portion – Friday August 6, 2021

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