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This is an archive page that features all of the teaching tips that have been posted. Please visit this page often as it will be continually updated with each new tip.

Below you find the tips in the order they have appeared on the site.

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1. Teaching Tip Tuesdays begins
2. Student Numbers
3. Day Plans
4. Keep it at School
5. Supply Plans
6. Long Range Plans
7. Character Education
8. Tribes
9. Squads
10. Seating Plans
11. Dollar Stores
12. Be Flexible
13. Classroom Scrabble
14. Rules to Live By
15. Procedures
16. A Day in the Life of a Supply Teacher (guest post)
17. What Teachers expect from a Supply (guest post)
18. Packing Up for the Year
19. Summer Homework
20. Learning Doesn’t Stop in the Summer
21. New Teacher Guide
22. First Day of School (script / lesson plan)
23. Fairy Tales
24. Homework Program
25. Map Adventures
26. Math Drills
27. Where are the Desks?
28. Musical Corners
29. Classroom Deal or No Deal 
30. My Mission Statement
31. A New Cereal on the Bookshelf
32. April Fools Day
33. Using Play Money to teach Responsibility
34. Classroom Economy 
35. Three Choices You Always Have
36. Classroom Blog
37. How to Listen 
38. Level Everything
39. EQAO – prepare for the test
40. Mark Book
41. Monthly Homework
42. Song Maps
43. Teaching Music
44. Don’t Pass on the Fear
45. USB Drives
46. Sometimes You Just Need a Break
47. Visual Schedules
48. Bitesize Science
49. Eliminate the Negative
50. Key Elements Great Teachers Possess
51. Get Parents on Side
52. Teaching Gym and Health
53. Letter Writing
54. Black History Month
55. Classroom Rules (Expectations)
56. Literacy Strategy A.P.E. (guest post) 
57. Twitter in the Classroom
58. Improvisational Stories
59. A Great Drama Rubric 
60. Comic Strip Drama
61. Radio Theatre
62. Jigsaw Listening
63. Three Choices
64. Using Pop Music
65. 5 Shading Techniques
66. Super Buck (Art Project)
67. Colour Wheel
68. World Cup
69. Leadership Activity
70. First Day Craft
71. Read Everything 
72. Be Enthusiastic!
73. Using Video in the Classroom
74. Don’t Throw That Out
75. Transformational Geometry
76. Colour Families
77. Teachable Moments
78. Smarties Math
79. Elementary Oragami (guest post)
80. Super Doors
81. Using Math Resources
82. Great Websites
83. 5 Tips To Motivate Reluctant Students (guest post)
84. Art Attack
85. Take a Break
86. 4 Ways to Sustain Your Enthusiasm (guest post)
87. The What-If Activity
88. Get Them Writing
89. Picture Prompts
90. Guided Reading
91. Mutli-Syllabic Rhymes (Poetry)
92. Quieting Down a Rowdy Class (guest post)
93. Get Organized
94. Share a Story
95. Take Some Time (Enjoy Your March Break)
96. It Takes 5 Years
97. Word Study Games
98. First Time Teacher Tips (guest post)
99. 9 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Classroom (guest post)
100. 5 Reasons Not to Print That
101. Throw Out Your Rigid Classroom Schedule and Your Students Will Work Harder
102. Small Group Instruction
103. How To Fit In Small Group Instruction
104. How a Glue Stick Works
105. Unscramble, Write, and Draw
106. Teaching Vocal Music
107. Work To Learn
108. Two Month Goal: Know Your Students
109. Define Yourself: Word Collage
110. Free Teaching Resources (Part 1)
111. Use Lego to Teach Science
112. Visual (Drawing) Telephone
113. 5 Ways To Get Supply Teaching Jobs
114. Halloween Vowel Sounds
115. Why Are You Learning (Guest Post)
116. Free Teaching Resources (Part 2)
117. File Folder Seating Plans
118. Healthy Lunches Kids Will Love (guest post)
119. The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities (guest post)
120. 5 Minute Daily Language Activities
121. Scaredy Squirrel Drama Lesson
122. Making Comics Online
123. Visual History of Christmas Trees
124. Online Jukebox for Your Classroom
125. Music and Movement
126. Lighter or Darker Words
127. The Way You Speak Depends on the Situation
128. Using Cards in Math Class
129. We Love Books Day
130. 5 Brain Foods For Learning
131. Play and Learn with Lego
132. OK Go (and) Show This Video To Your Class
133. The Book Whisperer – Get Your Students Reading
134. Clothespins and Binder Rings
135. Inspiring Classroom Story – A Student’s Resiliency
136. How to Convert Printing to Text (Smartboard Tip)
137. Let the Smartboard be Your Artist
138. Smartboard Game – A to Z
139. The Only Audio / Video Response Worksheet You’ll Ever Need
140. What Teachers Actually Do
141. How to Care for Students
142. A Treasure Trove of Ideas
143. Shinball – An Alternative to Dodgeball
144. Word Hammers – Great Teaching Strategy and Game 
145. First Day Grids
146. Residential Schools – Novels, Memoirs, and Picture Books
147. The Write Start: Nurturing Writers at Every Stage
148. How to Use Blogging in Your Teaching (guest post)
149. How to Use a Paper Towel
150. There are No Grades in First Grade (guest post)
151. Solve the Messy Desk Problem
152. Why Teachers Should Use Facebook
153. How I’ve Been Using Facebook in My Teaching
154. The Power of Education (And a Great Film)
155. Comic Strip Newsletters
156. Last Minute Christmas Art Ideas
157. Point Out The Positive
158. Report Card Comments
159. The Pitfalls of Social Media
160. School Struggles: An Interview with Dr. Selznick
161. To Flip or Not to Flip (Is a Flipped Classroom the Way to Go?)
162. Ice T’s Rap School
163. Rap Song Structure
164. Making Rap Beats
165. Writing Rap Songs With Students
166. How Music Can Inspire and Increase Ambition in the Classroom
167. We Need to Teach Internet Safety and Etiquette
168. Lessons We Can Learn From Skateboarding (and how to apply it to education)
169. Middle Schools Should . . . 
170. My Classroom is a Laser Field
171. Musical Futures
172. Exams, Grades, and Marks Miss The Point
173. Reflect at the End of the School Year
174. Using Classroom Rules to Correct Misbehaviour
175. Our Classroom Rules Apply to the Teacher as well
176. Summer’s Gone (Musical Circles)
177. Juliet Lives (A Play Written by my Students)
178. Classroom Management Books Worth Reading
179. Developing Integrity in Our Students
180. Long Range Plan Template
181. Create Radio Plays in Your Classroom
182. How to Set Up Your Music Class
183. Music Room Storage Solutions
184. Effective Questioning Techniques
185. Please, No More Indoor Recess
186. A Band Warm-Up (Tricking them to Play Jingle Bells)
187. Best Word to Use in Your Teaching Practice
188. Teachers are Magic
189. 8 Tips for Young Musicians
190. Create Visual Poems with Your Students
191. A Great School Doesn’t Need a Building 
192. The Last Ten Minutes of a Lesson are Very Important
193. Day Plan Template
194. Novel in an Hour
195. How to Engage Reluctant Learners
196. GPS – The Road to Musical Success
197. Lip Sync Battle
198. 3 Reasons Teachers Should Call Home
199. Short Term Self vs Long Term Self
200. Great Drama and Dance Strategies
201. Arthur and the Dragon” Integrated Drama Unit
202. 3 Tips for Using the Computer Lab Effectively
203. 5 Ways to Set Long Term Goals to Achieve Success
204. Free Random Name Generator for Smartboard
205. When Will I Ever Use This Stuff?
206. Students Often Say, “What’s The Point of All This?”
207. Music and Movement Props
208. 4 Apps for Creative Writers
209. Classrooms are Irrelevant (But Schools Aren’t)
210. 5 Words
211. Classroom Management for Dummies
212. My Grade 2/3 Long Range Plan
213. List and Interpret a Moment
214. There’s Logic Behind How Our Numbers Look
214. Hula Hoops on the First Day of School
215. Reading Salad: A Hands-On Lesson
216. Save Fred – Team Building Activity
217. Comic Newsletters
218. Weekly Newsletter
219. Northern Lights Art
220. Learning Skills Report Card Comments
221. How to Use a Reward System in the Classroom
222. Free Christmas Sheet Music for Beginning Bands
223. Teach Like a Pirate on the First Day of School
224. First Nations Info for Kids
225. Build an Independent Reading Culture in the Classroom
226. The Second Day of School – TLAP Style
227. GPS – Free Recorder Method Books
228. Let’s Influence and Empower Our Students
229. Great Teaching Blog You Should Be Reading
230. Teach Like a Pirate Day 3
231. Why Teachers Should Share Resources and Plans
232. It’s March Break – Take Some Time to Enjoy It!
233. Increase the Fun Factor at School
234. Occasional Teacher Interviews – Getting the Job You Want
235. Popcorn Math
236. Let Kids Make the Cheap Mistakes
237. Alternatives to YouTube
238. Seamless Transitions
239. You Need a Good Plan, Not a Good Excuse
240. The Best Place to Teach (Might Not Be Your Classroom)
241. Teachers and Students Need Creativity
242. Rita – My New Favourite TV Show
243. Education Outside the Curriculum
244. Teachers are Such Failures
245. Shake it Up in the Classroom
246. Harriet’s Big Adventure (Picture Book Review)
247. Schools Can Be So Much Greener
248. Why You Should Always Ask for Advice
249. Look, It’s Me – Making Sure Our Students are Reflected in Text
250. Long Range Plans – Instrumental Music
251. First Week of Instrumental Music (Part 1)
252. First Week of Instrumental Music (Part 2)
253. Student Choice in Instrumental Music Class
254. Teaching is Very Rewarding
255. School Life (Talking with the Filmmakers)
256. Educators Wear Many Hats
257. An Education Disrupter
258. Teach Like TED
259. Students Working Together on Tests
260. Fault Vs Responsibility
261. Feeding Your Flame (Writing Activity)
262. Teaching with the Olympic Games
263. Transform School Concerts
264. Feeding Your Flame (Writing Activity)
265. Unanswered Questions and Curiosity
266. First Contact with First Nations
267. Teacher Hacks for Missed Work and Lost Items
268. We’re All Part of the Same Universe
269. Nurture Talent in Your Classroom
270. Teacher Hashtags and Inspiration
271. 10 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Students
272. Ideas Float – Grab Them While You Can
273. Other Teachers’ Ideas
274. Quotes Come Alive with Zen Pencils
275. Twitter, Pizza, and Math
276. How and Why to Say Sorry
277. The Power of Choosing Words Carefully
278. Using Quotations in the Classroom
279. Getting Classroom Volunteers
280. Great Classroom Displays
281. The Key to Getting Student Engagement
282. We All Need Unplugged Alone Time
283. The Value of Boredom
284. Annoying Your Students is Ideal
285. Get Your Students to Unbelieve
286. More Than One Profound Truth
287. Teachers Should Dress Professionally
288. Build Vocabulary by Reading an Article a Day
289. The Night Before the First Day of School
290. The Magic in the Pause
291. Helping Kids Swing to New Heights
292. 4 Easy Steps to Resolve Conflict
293. 4 Reasons to Use Enriching Vocabulary in Your Daily Communication
294. Helping Students Craft Positive Inner Monologues
295. Teachers Need to Lead By Example
296. Students Need to Feel Useful and Important
297. Blues Clues Lesson
298. Let the World Educate You
299. Ideas Won’t Wait Around Forever
300. The Magic of Creativity
301. Help Your Kids Learn and Home
302. Tap Into Your Students’ Passions and Build New Approaches
303. Mr Dee Thinks Teaching is Hard
304. Free Children From Acting Upon Roles
305. Add it Up – A Hip-Hop Salute to Math
306. Using the Super Mario Effect to Be a Better Teacher