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2 responses to “Teaching Tip Tuesdays – Table of Contents”

  1. Hi Chase:

    A little vent time –

    I've just finished another PLC (Professional Learning Community) 1/2 day at my school. For a time that we, as teachers, are supposed to use in ways to better our student's learning, most of the time was spent analyzing EQAO scores.

    We were then required to pick curriculum goals for the next 4 to 6 weeks, do it and present what we have done and how to another school by Nov. 30.

    We didn't even look at any of our kids current assessments, learning strengths or needs. This goal is on top of all the DRA/CASI, other curriculum, character traits and good citizenship that we are trying to teach.

    Is this PLC trend typical from your experience?

    The short interventions are starting to require more effort than the actual teaching.

    Bogged down

  2. Hi Bogged Down,

    I appreciate your venting. I feel much the same way. There is always so new initiative that we are expected to take on, a new strategy for us to look at, or a new duty for us to perform. It's too much at times.

    As for EQAO, it is one test. I really don't like this much focus being put on one test. We also need to see that the students need to be working towards the goals of that test from the start of grade 1 if they are to do well on it.

    There a lot of problems with the EQAO testing but it is a reality that we need to put up with. I teach Grade 3 so I feel the pressure of it too. I will be writing a post about how I prepare my students for it all year long in the near future. Hopefully that will help some teachers.

    I also find some PLP, workshops, and PD sessions to be a complete waste of time. I hate to say it, but if I get one good idea out of them, then I count it as a success. I like good PD but it seems that useful ones are few and far between.

    Thanks for your comment.