Teaching Tip Tuesdays Are Back!

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Teaching Tip Tuesdays are back.

Every Tuesday, during the school year, I share with you tips, ideas, and resources that you can use in your classroom.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer holidays. I know the students don’t start back up until next week but most teachers will be in their classrooms all week long, getting ready for that first day.

The first day of school holds so much potential. If you start it on a good note, it can set the tone for the entire year.

Make sure you have a detailed day plan for the first day with plenty of back-up activities. It is always best to have too many activities for the first day.

I plan on making this craft with my kids on that first day. I found this foam airplane craft kit at the dollar store. The best thing about it is that it makes ten planes so I only have to spend three dollars to have a class set.

It comes with foam stickers so that we can spell our names on the planes as well.

I tried launching it off my balcony. These things don’t fly as good as the old styrofoam ones I used to buy at the corner store when I was a kid. I so loved those.

I was thinking that I could attach a string to the top of each plane and suspend them from the ceiling. It could serve as a nice metaphor for the year about how we will soar to new heights academically and socially. 
I think having a craft on the first day is a great idea. Last year, I had the students colour a hot-air balloon and made a bulletin board displaying all our work. I think I like this foam airplane idea a lot more. 
I’m sure you can find a similar craft at your local dollar store (if not this same one)

If you are a teacher and want to find more tips, click on the ‘Teaching Tips’ tab at the stop of the page. There are over 60 tips there and I will be adding a new one each week. 

I believe teachers should help teachers. I hope you will find this series useful. Also, if you have a teaching tip, you’d like to share, please contact me about writing a guest post. 

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3 responses to “Teaching Tip Tuesdays Are Back!”

  1. Hi Chase .. that's a great idea – it also gives the kids the chance to feel at home .. and get to know each other and you .. love your thoughts here

    Lucky kids to have a thoughtful teacher .. enjoy the rest of the preparations .. Hilary

  2. Hi Book Chook,

    Your blog is full of great ideas. I think I'll have to write a profile of you for an upcoming Teaching Tip post. Teachers should definitely visit your site. It's awesome.

    Thanks for sharing that link too.

    Hi Hilary,

    It's a busy time right now and will be for a while. But I love it. Thanks!