Teaching Tip Tuesday – Super Bucks!

This is a cool art lesson that is aimed for middle or high school students but I have used it successfully with Grade 3, 4, and 6 classes. It builds upon the techniques we touched upon last week here on Teaching Tip Tuesday.

Once the students are familiar with the 5 Shading Techniques and have had a lesson to practise them, they can apply them for this project.

The project is called “Super Buck” and it gives the students a chance to use these techniques to create an original dollar bill. They need to come up with an unusual amount for their currency, a make believe country, a motto, and a picture to go with it.

I make sure that I have examples of dollar bills from around the world to help inspire them as well.

I found a series of worksheets a few years ago that I printed off and I’ve taught this lesson using them. However, I recently found this great website that has those resources and many more.


This is the planning sheet and checklist so the students are familiar with the assignment.

And here is a sheet that guides the students through creating a ribbon to use on their brand new made up currency.

For more detailed instructions and resources on this project, please visit this really cool website.

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