Teaching Tip Tuesday – Super Bucks!

This is a cool art lesson that is aimed for middle or high school students but I have used it successfully with Grade 3, 4, and 6 classes. It builds upon the techniques we touched upon last week here on Teaching Tip Tuesday.

Once the students are familiar with the 5 Shading Techniques and have had a lesson to practise them, they can apply them for this project.

The project is called “Super Buck” and it gives the students a chance to use these techniques to create an original dollar bill. They need to come up with an unusual amount for their currency, a make believe country, a motto, and a picture to go with it.

I make sure that I have examples of dollar bills from around the world to help inspire them as well.

I found a series of worksheets a few years ago that I printed off and I’ve taught this lesson using them. However, I recently found this great website that has those resources and many more.


This is the planning sheet and checklist so the students are familiar with the assignment.

And here is a sheet that guides the students through creating a ribbon to use on their brand new made up currency.

For more detailed instructions and resources on this project, please visit this really cool website.

If you are a teacher and have a great lesson to share, please consider writing a guest post here. Teachers helping teachers is what this is all about.

2 responses to “Teaching Tip Tuesday – Super Bucks!”

  1. Hi Chase .. that's a lesson with a topic to engender inspiration in the kids .. your own little world with your own money etc .. bet they enjoyed it.

    The examples on the website were fun .. the kids' had been really imaginative.

    I expect you'll get over to my Silent Pianist post – things there for the kids – perhaps?

    Have a great Wednesday when it comes round! Bye for now – Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    This project is always a success. I like how it focuses on visual art techniques as well.

    I'm surfing over to your blog now. That title, "Silent Pianist" has me intrigued.