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Have you seen the television show Art Attack?

If not, you really should look for it. The show is a treasure trove for the elementary classroom. Host Neil Buchanan shares a passion for art and creativity that is simply inspiring.

Every week on the show, he goes through simple projects that you can make at home using readily available materials. He goes through each step of the process in a way that is quite easy to follow.

Buchanan also does some “Big Art Attacks” where he takes regular everyday objects and places them on the ground to create a picture or scene that takes up an entire room or football field. At the end of his build, we see the results of his work from an overhead shot. Every single time I see a “Big Art Attack” I am amazed by his creation.

The Art Attack website is phenomenal. There you will find step by step instructions for each project.

There are some great ones that you might want to do in your class this week for Christmas.

I have done the Christmas Cones craft a few times now with different classes. It is always a hit.

Countdown to Christmas is a good one too.

Spatter Blizzard and the project just above it use the same technique to simulate snow fall on the finished piece.

There are lots of great crafts you can do with your class on this site. Check out the show if you get a chance too. You can catch it on TVOkids here in Ontario.

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2 responses to “Teaching Tip Tuesday – Art Attack”

  1. Hi Hilary,

    You must get this show over there. He does "Big Art Attacks" like that all the time.

    It's one of my favourite shows to watch. There are more clips like that one online. One of them actually uses moving cars to make a picture.

    It is really amazing what he can do.