Teaching Tip Tuesday – 5 Shading Techniques

I found this great resource for teaching art a few years ago that I wanted to share with you today for Teaching Tip Tuesday.

It’s an amazing website called Art Adventures and it has some great tips, tricks, and lessons on it that are very easy to follow.

When I first discovered this site, I printed off these lessons and I’m sure glad that I did because the amazingly useful website is no more.

I scanned the steps for this lesson on Shading Techniques.

There are 5 different ways to shade to give your drawings a sense of depth and realism.

Step 1: Linear Shading – Stippling

Step 2: Using Stippling to Add Depth
Step 3: Hatching
Step 4: Using Hatching to Transform a Shape to a Form
Step 5: Crosshatching
Step 6: Crosshatching to Transform a Shape to a Form

Here is a worksheet that allows the students to practise these techniques.

After I have worked through this sheet together with my class. I have them fold a large sheet of paper into 9 sections so that we can draw shapes. Since there are three rows, we draw three shapes; a cube, a cylinder, and a sphere. We draw these shapes across all three columns and then shade them using three different techniques; stippling, hatching, and cross hatching. 
I follow up this lesson with a really cool project that always seems to engage the students. Come back next week to see details on that. You can also check out the other great Teaching Tips I have posted so far. There are now over 60 tips and they are grouped by theme as well. I hope you find them useful.