Teaching Tip – Take Some Time

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I have a cold and it has been draining me of pretty much all my energy. I took the day off yesterday, which for me is a rare thing.

In my entire career I have only ever taken a handful of sick days. I felt like I had to come in today. Having two days off before March Break just seemed wrong. So I dragged myself into school.

I survived the day just fine. I should be good for three more. I hope.

I am going to go home and hit the sack early tonight. I want to kick this thing. I thought I had built up a pretty good teacher immunity. It seems that something snuck through my defenses, however.

I know I’m rambling and just making excuses, but that ties in with what I wanted to discuss today here anyway – Breaks!

We all need breaks.

Take March Break for yourselves. Plan your first week back during your planning time this week so you can have a relaxing break and know that everything is set for you when you come back. That is what I plan to do – tomorrow.

Right now I need to go home and just get through the rest of the day.

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