Teaching Tip – Halloween Vowel Sounds

Here’s a cool game that you might want to use for Halloween this month.

It was based on a concept that was floating around the Internet a few years back. I’m sure that no educational board game is completely unique these days. Nonetheless, it’s a game that works well with students just learning or needed a review of vowel sounds.

This game will be ideal for Kindergarten, Grade 1, ESL students, or anyone needing a little extra practice with vowel sounds.

The students can play this game in small groups. Three or four students would be ideal. They will need a game piece, Lego block, or anything else they can use a player marker.

You will need to print out the board game, laminate it, and make up a few picture cards such as these ones.

It’s quite easy to find images to fit the Halloween theme so I only posted up a few of the cards here just to give you an idea of what you can do.

Put the cards in a pile face down. The first student will pick up a card, show it to the other players, say the word that the picture represents, and then move their player piece to the first occurrence of that vowel sound on the game board.

For example, if the child picks up the “ghost” card, he or she will say, “ghost” and then move the game piece past the A, E, I, to land on the “O.”

The other students playing the game will have to decide if the first player is correct. If he placed his game piece on the “I” for example, the students would help him move it to the correct square and explain the vowel sound.

You can come up with your own variation of the game. You could focus on just short vowel sounds or on long vowel sounds. This particular game combines both.

Dana created this game as well as several others. She has different themes to correspond with other holidays and seasons. I will post a few more of them in future editions of Teaching Tip Tuesdays.

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6 responses to “Teaching Tip – Halloween Vowel Sounds”

  1. Hi Chase .. the Halloween games sounds a really good idea .. and I'm sure the kids will love playing it.

    I hope you get a few guest contributors .. I'm not sure I could devise a game .. but I could write a short article for you .. with some questions for the kids to find out about or ponder …

    Cheers – Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    Games are great for learning and developing skills. We sometimes forget that we don't always have to buy them either. We can create our own games that students will love.

    I think you could write a great guest post. You could aim it at Grade 7 or 8 students and use some of your historical and geographical knowledge if you wish.

    Thanks for offering. I can't wait to see what you come up with 🙂