Teaching Tip – Don’t Throw That Out

There are many household objects that you may simply throw away or recycle without thinking too much about it. Today’s teaching tip – Don’t throw that out!

Empty Fruit Cup Containers
These containers have lots of uses in the classroom. You can put paint in them to distribute to the students during art class. They can also be used to hold water for cleaning paint brushes right at the students’ desks. 
I like to use these containers to hand out candies or gumballs as well. I’ll write a future teaching tip on how you can use food effectively in math class. In the meantime, save and collect these containers.

Margarine containers – they can be used to store beads, popsicle sticks, buttons, etc.
Paper towel tubes – can be used for lots of crafts and art projects

Another good reason not to throw them out 

It teaches students the importance of reducing, resuing, and recycling.

Lots of our students bring in pudding, fruit cups, or apple sauce in these disposable plastic containers. Quite often the kids will just throw them out. However, we can ask the students to wash them in the sink and stress the importance to reusing items.

Have any ideas?

What sort of things do you collect to use in your classroom?
Do you have your students bring in items you can resuse? 

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2 responses to “Teaching Tip – Don’t Throw That Out”

  1. Hi Chase .. good ideas .. egg boxes ..don't know if you have them there .. insides of toilet rolls – half size kitchen rolls .. large fizzy drink plastic bottles – can be used to water plants when away or school holidays .. white card inserts .. in socks, tights, card packs (notelet packs) .. et al … & pictures that are part of packaging ..

    I'm sure many more .. cheers – but saving costs .. have a good week .. Hilary