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October 5th was World Teacher Day and we wanted to mark the day with something special for the hip-hop heads. That is why a group of fellow educators got together and recorded a song called “Each One Teach One.” Every aspect of the track from the beat, to the lyrics, to the emcees, to the DJ, to the artwork was done by a teacher. Two of the people involved were on this week’s show as well, Mike All and Chase March. 

On the last P.A. Day, Chase March and Mad Hattr went to the Boys and Girls Club and taught kids how to make rap songs from scratch. We only had one day but every kid in attendance left with a recorded song. Each of which gets some radio airplay on this episode.

We also feature some work that I.Khan and Wizekrack have done with their students.

Since kids and the parents were listening, we kept this episode clean. So, it is safe to blare around your young ones. The last two songs do have some questionable content in them, however. Just warning you. But the rest is good, clean fun!

Hip Hop Headucatorz – Each One Teach One
Brayden – Right Out Front
Nicolas – Blast Off
Stefan & Gavin – A!!
Zack – Attack
Gucci Gangers – Dab on Haters
Wizekrack Rap Club – Frosted Flakes
Wizekrack Rap Club – Hippo Head
Wizekrack Rap Club – Solar System is Cool
Wizekrack Rap Club – My Doritos
Mike All ft More or Les and Zeppo – Just for the Record
More of Les, Wordburglar, Mike All, Touch, int eighty, and Nilla – Choose Your Own Avenger
Mike All – Eh Plus
Jay Are ft Tiffany Paige – YCP
Kardinall Offishall and Nottz – Mr. Parker
Leaders of the New School – Teachers Don’t Teach Us Nonsense
Eric B & Rakim – Teach the Children
Leaders of the New School – Case of the PTA
Boogie Down Productions – You Must Learn
Busy Bee – School Days
Slick Rick – Hey Young World
Beneficience ft Estee Nack – Each One Teach One
Down to Erf – Learn to Earn
StaHHr & DJ Bizarro – Pandora
Atmosphere – Make It All Better Again
Mike All ft Nur Konnect – Madd Dreamer
TempoMental – Runaway
Tom Green – Teachers Suck

Original Air Date: Tuesday October 8, 2019

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