Teacher Blues II

Once again, I sit here and stare at an empty classroom. It doesn’t seem right. The place looks completely barren and void of everything that made it a great place to be all year. The colourful banners and posters have all been taken down. The desks are shoved to the middle of the room and all my materials have been boxed up and put away.

I sit here at the computer and know that it needs to be put away too. I need to clear out all my files I have saved on it. I need to move on. It’s hard for some reason. It always is. I get this feeling that I can only describe as teacher blues.

It’s hard to just pack up and leave. I spent a lot of time with my students this year and they just run out the door and move on. I have to move on too this year. A chapter of my life is coming to an end.

It feels weird knowing that I won’t be coming back to this classroom next year. I will be at a new school. It’s scary and exciting all at once, but I will truly miss this school. I had a great time here.

I already miss the kids. I had a great bunch this year. We learned a lot from each other. I just hope that I did enough while I was here. I hope that I made a difference to the lives of my students over the past few years.

This feeling I have right now is sort of hard to explain. I know a lot of people, my students included, are happy that it is summer vacation and they are embracing it openly already. I always need a bit of time to adjust to that. So I hesitate to leave right now. I have end-of-school-year-teacher-blues. But it will pass.

4 responses to “Teacher Blues II”

  1. Hey I started to get a little teary when I read this. The end of the school year is sad, and exciting because you know that the next year you can reinvent yourself and start over. But the friends you make that year may always be with you. Summer vacation is the best part of school, because it will always be there no matter what. This makes no sense at all.

  2. Yeah, the end of school is always pretty depressing, especially when it goes by a lot faster than anticipated, which seems to be happening more often than not lately. But you’re going to be at a different school next year? Did you get a new job?

  3. Hi Chase,

    I’m glad you wrote this as I never knew that teachers experienced “end of the school year blues”. But when I think how you must become attached to your students and see their growth, it must be like a parent watching their children leave the family home. It will never be the same.

    You and your students have touched each others lives forever.

    I’m guessing your students will miss you too.

  4. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself tomorrow since there is no school.

    It still feels weird. I will adjust soon enough but I already miss my students and the school.

    Hi Alexis, good to hear from you. I’m not exactly sure what school I’ll end up at next year yet. But I will be at a different one. The prospect is a little scary but exciting at the same time.