Hundreds of great teaching tips, lessons, and inspiration from my classroom to yours. Browse the archive page to find something you can use in your teaching practice or scroll down to see all of the posts. [Keep Reading]

The 5 Types of Logos (Lesson Plan)

September 26, 2017

It’s been a long time since I posted a Teaching Tip Tuesday article. I have been meaning to get back into the swing of things again. I’m sorry for the absence. I am teaching a new course this term and am very exicted about it. The class [Keep Reading]

Sonya Sahni and the First Grade

August 15, 2017

Sonya Sahni and the First Grade: Its International Day! by Soma Mandal and Tim Williams Having a foot in two different worlds can be difficult for anyone. Even more so for a kid trying to figure out how to fit in with her friends at school and [Keep Reading]

Educators Wear Many Hats

May 9, 2017

Here are some of the many hats that teachers wear. Researchers I read articles on education nearly every day. I seek out books from the library to help me in my teaching practice, and I continually look for ways to improve in the classroom. I found [Keep Reading]

School Life (Talking with the Filmmakers)

April 27, 2017

I had the chance to interview Neasa Ni Chianain about her documentary film School Life. We talked about how schools are different in Ireland, the concept of boarding schools, passionate teachers, arts programs, and much more. The film focuses on [Keep Reading]

Teaching is Very Rewarding

March 28, 2017

A student surprised me today with these very thoughtful gifts. I was overwhelmed to see the time and effort he put in to them. He 3D printed my logo and my favourite picture from my wedding. When you hold it up to the light, the picture reveals [Keep Reading]

Student Choice in Instrumental Music

February 7, 2017

It’s difficult to manage student choice in an instrumental music class. There are so many things to consider. The first of which is assigning instruments to your students. It is important to have a good variety of brass and woodwind [Keep Reading]

Long Range Plans – AMU3O (Grade 11 Music)

January 17, 2017

I am back to teaching and loving every minute of it. I have a Grade 11 music class full of eager students wanting to learn how to play an instrument for the first time. As such, if you are a Grade 7 or 8 instrumental music teacher, you may find this [Keep Reading]

The Inner Game of Work

May 17, 2016

The Inner Game of Work by W. Timothy Gallwey I started a research project to see how we could let students choose what they want to learn in school and it led me to some very interesting books, articles, and videos. I will be sharing some of that [Keep Reading]
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