TARDIS Build Part 5 – The Paint Job

Building my own TARDIS has been a lot of fun.

I started by constructing a frame. I then added corrugated plastic for the walls and wood trim to create the panelling effect of the time machine.

Last week, I shared with you the construction of the roof. Today, we will look at the paint job.

Since the walls are corrugated plastic, I had to get paint that would bond to plastic. I’d thought that any can of spray paint would work but when I was in the store, the paint clerk happened to overhear me hemming and hawing about what paint to get.

She quickly pointed me towards Krylon: Fushion paint. It was the only product they carried that would work on plastic.

Three cans of paint later and it’s starting to look like the real TARDIS.

Here you can see that I covered the windows with painter’s tape.

It was still looking a little bit light in colour so I went back and bought two more cans of spray paint.

The TARDIS is really starting to come along now. Next I need to add a few details. The POLICE BOX sign, the door sign, the St. John’s Ambulance Logo, a handle and latch for the door, and a few extra details.

Stay tuned for one further TARDIS build update. I can’t wait to see the finished product. It is going to look amazing.