Tallest Silver (My Favourite Cosplay Artist)

I have seen these pictures of Power Girl several times over the last year and, I must say, she really embodies the character (pardon the pun)

I recently discovered her blog and other great cosplay pictures. I just had to share them with you. She simply is amazing. Her name is Tallest Silver and you can follow her on Tumblr.

Here she is as Bat-woman,

Lady Deadpool,

Poison Ivy,

Black Cat,

and the Scarlet Witch!

Absolutely breathtaking! Tallest Silver is officially my favourite cosplay artist.

I wish I had the talent to make costumes. I would love to go to these events as Daredevil. I think I could pull that one off. Maybe even Doctor Who. Something to think about any way.

*illustration credit – Becca