Talent for Humanity (Not Everyone Has It)

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Talent for Humanity – editied by Patrick Gaffney

This book is inspiring in so many ways. It features the voices of people from all over the world who were bestowed a Human Spirit Award. Instead of a trophy, they were given a chapter of this book to share their passion and life mission.

I thought I would review it in a series of images (something I have never done before)

I hope you enjoy it, and then go get inspired yourself.

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And that was just from the introduction.

Imagine what other tidbits of knowledge and wisdom you can gain from reading this book and getting an experience of the seven inspiring human beings profiled in these pages.

Here is one from Sherry and Bob Jason’s chapter.


I really like this metaphor about writing and where ideas come from.


I hope you have enjoyed this original take on a book review.

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