Take it Down or Cover it Up – Please!

It really annoys me when a store goes out of business, everything gets cleaned out, the store is left vacant, and the owners fail to do this one simple thing.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been driving and noticed a store that I’d like to visit. Sometimes, the store is inside a strip mall. Sometimes, the store is downtown. Sometimes, it’s a stand alone shop.

No matter where the store exactly is, it usually takes a bit of effort to get there. I have to turn down a street, find a parking spot, and walk a little bit.

The store’s sign and familiar brand lead me to my destination. That’s what they are designed to do. That’s why I think when a shop goes out of business, for whatever reason, they owe it to us to . . .

Take Down The Sign

If the sign is on an awning and would be costly to take down, I can understand leaving it up. However, it would only take a few minutes and one can of paint to cover over their logo and store name. That way everyone would know that the store is out of business. I think they owe us that much.

For example, a can of orange paint could be used to cover up the logo and store name in the above photo with ease.

Cover Up The Sign

Here’s one business that did it right.

It doesn’t take long to cover up a sign. Sometimes, it is as simple as taking out the plastic and flipping it around so that the logo now faces in and not out.

Does this bug you too?

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4 responses to “Take it Down or Cover it Up – Please!”

  1. Hi Chase .. I can see your point of view .. but if the owner has gone bust .. and has nothing in the bank, nor his life .. especially at this time of year … that probably is one last thing he doesn't want to do. The owner of the shop – perhaps has the responsibility to make the shop appealing to new lessees …

    Six of one and half a dozen of the other … and people are lazy quite often .. Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary,

    I once walked blocks and blocks because I saw a sign and thought it would be nice to pick up some lunch at Arby's. But when I finally got there, the place was deserted. It looked like it had been vacant for years. And it was a chain store. Surely they had enough money to take down the sign.

    I have run in to this problem time and time again. I do get your point though.

    I just think it's consderate to take down your sign when you've closed up shop.

  3. Hi ECD,

    I miss having a hardware store in my neighbourhood. I was kind of hoping someone would open a new one right there.

    We have some really nice parks here though, on the plus side.