Superheroes, Time Travellers, and Fairy Tales (Graphic Novels Have it All)

I am continuing my mission to record every book I read over the course of this year. So far, you have seen hip-hop memoirs, novels, and the  first batch of graphic novels.

I love that you can get graphic novels from the library. Here are the latest ones that I have borrowed.

Doctor Who – The Ripper

This is the first graphic novel with the new cast. The artists have done a great job at bringing these characters to life on the page. I could actually hear Amy Pond, Rory, and The Doctor as I read the dialogue.

The first issue of this four issue collection is a humourous tale about spam email coming to life as holograms. I really got a chuckle out of it. The next story deals with Jack the Ripper and in true Doctor Who fashion, he isn’t exactly who the police think he is. Overall, it was a pretty good read and I hope to see more adventures with Amy, Rory, and The Doctor.

Green Lantern – The Sinestro Corps War

Sinestro was once the greatest Green Lantern of them all. He didn’t agree with The Guardians, an ancient race who created the Green Lantern Corp to help protect and keep balance in the universe, and tried to change the nature of the corps. He was ultimately banished from the Corp but now he has returned with even more power than before. He started his own corp and named it after himself. These new lanterns are powered by the emotion of fear and wield the power of yellow.

Sinestro wants to establish order in the universe but thinks the best way to do it is by ruling over all with fear. The war between the Green Lantern Corp and the new Sinestro Corp is a huge one that spans the galaxy.

You should read this one before The Blackest Night Saga that I wrote about last month. I read the books out of order simply because I just pick up whatever interesting books happen to be at the library at the time. That being said, this book really does stand on its own, so you could read it anytime.

Fables – Rose Red

I absolutely love this series. It deals with the fairy tale characters we all know and love but it has them living in our society in the present day.

This fifteenth chapter in the series focuses on Rose Red. She is Snow White’s sister and the current leader of the Fable community. This story reveals some of her past with her sister and sets the stage for the ultimate battle of good vs evil. The Fables have an unlikely ally against the sinister Mister Dark and their battle is epic.

Well worth reading. I’ve written about the series before and highly recommend it.

Daredevil – Born Again

This one is from my personal collection and it’s one of the most iconic Daredevil stories. I hadn’t read it in years but felt like I had to revisit it last week.

The Kingpin hides behind his legitimate businesses while secretly controlling the crime in the city. For years, Daredevil has been trying to take him down. But when the Kingpin discovers the true identity of Daredevil, he uses his power and influence to slowly undermine every aspect of Matt Murdock’s life.

Matt’s life falls apart all around him and he has no idea why such bad luck has fallen upon him. He is driven to near insanity by the Kingpin’s subtle plan. It’s brilliant plan except for one thing. You’ll have to read it to find out though.

Star Trek: Assignment Earth

This graphic novel finally brings to life the vision Gene Roddenberry had for a spin-off to the original Start Trek television series. The Season Two finale that aired in 1968 featured a mysterious character by the name of Gary Seven. In this book, we learn more about who he is and what his mission on Earth is all about. I wish this book would have given us a little more of his backstory and perhaps more of a tie-in to Star Trek: The Original Series. It’s pretty much for die-hard fans only.