superGARAGE in Trees

I was watching Men in Trees last night. It’s a quirky little show about an author who goes to Alaska for a speaking engagement and ends up moving there. The show is called Men in Trees because there are very few women who live in the small town.

Anyway, as I watched the episode last night, a song played in the background. Shows do this a lot. Sometimes I recognize the song, sometimes I don’t. It usually doesn’t effect my enjoyment of the show. Last night though, the song they played totally took my mind off of the story.

I couldn’t believe what my ears were hearing. Could it be? I concentrated on the song in the background. Yes, it was. They were playing “Keep” by superGARAGE.

I can’t say enough good things about superGARAGE. I first saw they play in 1994 in Hamilton. They put on an amazing show and I was an immediate fan. I bought their cassette tape and a T-shirt. The following year, they put out the album on CD.

This is an independent group for Thorold, Ontario. This was a small release from 1995 and it just showed up on a brand new episode of primetime television. I couldn’t believe it.

The band is currently on hiatus. But their music is amazing. You can find them online easily enough. I am listening to their first E.P. Duct Tape right now. It never gets old for me. I love these guys. It was awesome to hear them on T.V. last night. superGARAGE in trees!

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  1. Hey I have a couple pictures up on my blog but I have to more on later probably tomorrow sometime. whenever I have time and the patients because I am very irritable today and I am just annoyed with everyone around me today, and I do not know why that is??!! I have better pictures I don’t have them downloaded onto the computer yet I have one I had in an art show and one that was put in high school photo contest and I guess I will have to put them soon when ever I have time!! There I go again writing a lot I always do and that drives me crazy becaise i can go on and on forever if Im not stopped!! LOL