Stratford’s All-Wheels Skatepark

Grab your skateboard and head to Stratford’s All-Wheels Skatepark.

It’s time for another visual tour.

This park doesn’t look like much. The ramps look kind of worn down. The concrete isn’t completely smooth. And the area looks like it used to be an industrial parking lot.

But the metal ramps are a nice touch. The park has a good flow to it and is really well-designed.

This launch ramp is wide enough to give several skaters some speed to hit the various obstacles.

The pyramid is nice as it has areas to grind, jump, and transfer.

The curvature of the ramps are perfect as well. I have seem some parks that just can’t seem to get that right. They are either too steep or too shallow. Theses ones are nice!

And of course, this is my favourite feature – the half-pipe. I would prefer that it be a bit wider but I’m not going to complain.

This is a nice park. I really enjoyed my early morning skate today.

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