Stoney Creek of the Thames Visual Tour

I love finding new places and trails to run. I also like taking my camera along with me and snapping a few photos as I go. This way I can document the trails that I have run and give you a little tour of some nice spots you might like to visit.

Today’s Visual Running Tour takes us to Stoney Creek, and not the township that is part of Hamilton. This Stoney Creek is part of the Thames River Watershed in London, Ontario.

Stoney Creek enters the North Thames River, which then travels through Chatham to Lake St. Claire and into Lake Erie. It takes 4 to 10 days for water in Stoney Creek to reach Lake St. Claire. (Upper Thames River Conservation Authority)

London, Ontario has lot of great trails to explore. This is one of several that offer a concrete pathway. I don’t particularly like running on cement. I much prefer a dirt trail through the woods, but this trail does have a few highlights that make it worth the trip.

I love trails that run alongside water.

The creek was moving at a fair speed today too.

There are several nice bridges that allow you to look out over the creek.

There were quite a few paths to choose from once you are a fair way into this trail.

A boardwalk is always a nice thing to come across during these nature runs.

This one went on for several hundred meters.

I was surprised to see this Nature Butterfly Garden that was created and maintained by a school, that was until I took one of the short trails and saw that the school was within a few minutes walk.

I would so love it if my school was this close to such a great resource. There are so many different landsacpes to discover.

There was even a short portion of dirt trail to run. My favourite!

I love how this system of trails loops and curves through the 38 square kilometers of watershed.

Photography by Dana Kathryn

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