Stolen Rap Gear and What You Can Do

I’ve had the chance to hang out with Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils and I have to tell you that they are hard-working, down-to-earth, all around cool guys.

It really is a shame to see that someone broke into their tour van and stole all of the equipment they need to write, perform, and make great hip-hop music.

The same thing happened to Brother Ali a few years back. It must be really frustrating to lose all the files, songs, and work that must have been on those computers.

And while that gear will probably never been recovered, we can help these artists get back on their musical feet, as it were.

I just threw some money their way. I made a small donation on their Indigogo campaign to help them replace their much needed gear. it seemed like the least I could do to help out some hip-hop brethren.

I hope you will click this link above and make a donation as well. 

Here is some more information about what happened and how you can help out.


On July 9, Mad Dukez, Fresh Kils, Uncle Fester, and their tour manager Kevin were enjoying a lovely day off at a park in Montreal during their Gettin’ Gatsby Tour. Unfortunately, someone decided to spoil their warm weather fun by breaking into their tour van and stealing their belongings.

The smash and grab crooks got away with three MacBook Pros, and MPC 1000, a DI box, K-Oscillator, headphones, cables, passports, clothes, as well as other personal possessions. The guys are now left without the belongings needed to perform for the remainder of the tour and are also unable to keep in contact with loved ones back home.


They need to raise $5,000 to replace all of the stolen gear so that Dukez and Kils can continue rocking their tour dates through October. In order to accomplish this, we are offering various personalized packages as a thank you for your donation towards helping them cover the cost of replacing the gear and fixing their broken van window.

All merchandise will be autographed by Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils themselves and any contribution made to this campagin will automatically give you, the supporter the chance to appear in the music video (scheduled to be shot in late-August 2013) for the next single off of the Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils Gettin’ Gatsby album.


The bottom line is that these guys are working musicians who make their livelihood off of touring and performing, and unfortunately cannot do either until their gear is replaced.

The fact that no crew member, not even Dukez or Kils could crack a smile during the informational video above shows just how much of a blow this experience was to the entire team. BUT, they are not going to stop touring and will continue to pull out all the stops every night to give their fans shows they won’t forget!!

By donating, you will be lending a helping hand in ensuring that these guys can continue to not only making a living for themselves, but above all, to continue making quality music for you, their fans, the people that make it possible for them to earn a living doing what they love.


Go to their Indigogo page and make a contribution to help them replace what they need to tour and make music.